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Tesla uses three free months of ‘Full Self-Driving’ to push year-end sales

The “Full Self-Driving” system that Tesla sells as a $10,000 option isn’t available in subscription form yet, but the car company is already using that idea to boost sales. Reported
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Tesla: Soaring share price creates army of ‘Teslanaires’

Tesla’s rocketing share price this year has created an army of millionaires – self-named ‘Teslanaires’. Shares in Elon Musk’s electric car firm have risen more than 700% during 2020 to
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Buy a Tesla before 2021 and get Full Self-Driving for free, Elon Musk says

Well, free for three months, according to the CEO. That’s still quite a deal, considering its price. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is out here making marketing moves on Twitter as
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